Hack-No-Tech in Frankfurt am Main

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As promised, here’s the information for our latest Hack-No-Tech Gathering, on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of November 2015.

In this meeting you’ll be able to simply learn more about Hack-No-Tech, but also we will take the time to share with you
our own special vision on the technique and present the links it can have to power structures and world-making.
Feel welcome to join and invite friends and family to this and other interesting proposals
that will be presented at Studio Naxos starting from 8pm.

New Hack-No-Tech Tutorials

Enjoy our latest Hack-No-Tech Tutorials!

For Memorizing,  Transmitting to an other body, Clearing-up your system,

Detaching language and gestures, and off course: Multiplying

How does it look like…

mouchacha, self-help-group

              self-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchachamouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 11

… to dance a fusional team without hierarchies? Or a fine-tuned team tending to perfection? A heterogenous team that uses discrepances? Shared responsibility in a high performance team?

mouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 4mouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 6

What sounds terribly abstract becomes sweating concretness thanks to “self-help-group”: four dreaming subjects develop four dream teams – and become one team by supporting each other under an aggressive Basel sun.

         mouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 7mouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 8mouchacha, self-help-groupself-help-group, mouchachaself-help-group, mouchacha 10


Mouchacha, Catalina Insignares Martinez, Miriam Coretta Schulte

Since almost 5 weeks we are working at the Theater Basel in Switzerland with actors on how to expereince different kinds of team works in choreography. Find out more about it in this self-interview:

“During five weeks in April and May the MOUCHACHA collective will collaborate with actors of the Theater Basel on the research project “self-help-group”, which will be dealing with the notion of teamwork. It is a fact that in theater and performance-making one is constantly changing from one team to another: after one project is finished, one moves on to the next. Since the time is rarely given to ask what type of team would be the best for us to work in, “self-help-group” wants to take this time and explore, dream and fantasize about ideal working teams. The research process will finish with 5 days of public showings in the Theaterplatz.

Below the “self-help-group” team makes the exercise of a collective “Self-Interview” to tell us more about their work.

SHG: You are part of the project “self-help-group”, is it going to be a real self-help-group?

SHG: What interest us in the idea of a self-help-group is precisely what the term itself opens: a group to help the self by working with each other in a group. But if you are referring to the therapeutical or the pathological context often at the base of these groups, we are not interested in that. We come to this group not because we are having a common problem to solve, but because we have a common wish: to deal with the question of how we want to work in a team and find our answers through physical work, through dance. Probably we are rather something as a think tank – or maybe a dance tank.

SHG: So does dance help you to talk about teams in a specific way? I can imagine that it can mainly avoid pure talking, and start being a team.

SHG: This is a very good observation! But also if you think that the most universal definition of work we can find is to spend physical energy, then dance is pure work. And creating and practicing a choreography together becomes automatically a work collaboration.

SHG: Does this mean that you are all dancers?

SHG: Well… we think we are all team choreographers.

SHG: And you will all make one big choreography together?

SHG: Not really, we will do multiple ones! For example, if somebody is interested in belonging to a hierarchical group, because maybe she likes to dominate people, we will do our best to make her experience this role. Or  maybe someone else might find out that he has always dreamt of a team where everybody agrees on everything through telepathy, without having to discuss. At the end we will have many dream teams allowing each member to make his/her hidden fantasies palpable.

SHG:”Hidden fantasies” sounds almost erotic…

SHG: Hm, what an original  association. But in that case it would be a queer erotic: the multitude of different phantasms and dreams co-existing. Because what interest us is less to say what kind of teamwork would be the best one, but to admit the fact that in our team we have different ideas of teams.

SHG: Wow. This reminds me of Deleuze and Guattari when they say about their collaboration: “Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd.”

SHG: Interesting! Our team also is not that big, but we also feel like many.

Dancing Grüezi – of hack-no-teching in Switzerland

Bringing Hack-No-Tech to the Theater der Künste in Zürich was a big pleasure: we were welcomed by lots of open arms and hearts. Were we just lucky or is it possible that Swiss people like the combination of memory and movement? Like watches and ski? Or is a culture, that is so rich in traditions, just more curious about ways that change the relationship to souvenirs? Or did we benefit from an open-minded mentality that wishes always to find out about the newest inventions and techniques?

miriam coretta schulte catalina insignareshack-no-tech hilde still 10

Whatever might be the reason – it was a good frame work to discover some new aspects of hack-no-tech. This was mainly due to the participants of our workshop. First thing the inscription list revealed to us: hack-no-tech seems to be more attractive to men than to woman.  Is it simply linked to harsh consonants in the name? Let’s hope not, don’t let us be caught up like this, so research to be continued.

miriam coretta schulte catalina insignaresmiriam coretta schulte catalina insignares

In the workshop itself we tried to attack some very new dimensions: for example passing from individual hack-no-techs to collective ones. When we often wonder how we can share memories, we might have found an answer to it. But let’s see in some years, if it works for all the participants and if our hack-no-tech will have had reached its eternalizing effect.

We also appreciated the very open-minded feed-back culture. A special thanks to Mathias who enriched us with the idea to work also on micro hack-no-tech: by doing very small movements it should be possible to adapt your hack-no-tech to all kinds of situation in daily life. Like always with hack-no-tech, it is all a matter of practice.